Assurance: Project Introduction and Overview

Thank you for reading this. I plan to regularly update this blog with pictures and video links as we document the project at hand. Over the next few weeks I’ll give some background information about the people involved in making this thing happen and how they came into the picture.

What is the project?

We are taking a 1991 Ford Ambulance and converting it into a tour bus equipped to pull, sleep up to six people, and sustain them while on the road. The project without a doubt has the ‘cool’ factor.

Why are we doing this?

In one word: sustainability. J. Loren and HURT need a reliable vehicle they can count on to continue touring. The band has toured in rented vehicles and very inexpensive temporary fixes for far too long. The plan is to equip this vehicle with everything needed to sustain them for as long as it’s needed. We are not going to cut corners on the vital systems of this vehicle.

This is part of J’s overall plan to be able to make music well into the future. Hopefully thanks to everyone’s donations he’ll finally have a place to call home, a recording studio that he can take his time in to produce the best work possible, and a vehicle capable of lasting as long as needed.

What the project is and is not?

This is not an episode of ‘pimp my ride.’ I’m sorry, there will be no fish tanks, or stripper poles, and it’s not going to look like a ‘Velvet Rolls Royce.’ [Edit: On second thought, we may revisit the stripper pole idea.] This is about getting J the exact vehicle he needs to do what we love him to do. I’ve made a few jokes with people about the crazy things we can do to this thing, but to put it simply: I will not waste ANY money on things not needed, and J wouldn’t stand for it either.

However, I would like to be able to give them a standard of living above what J is asking for. My thought is a musician shouldn’t dread getting into the vehicle they’re living out of for months at a time. While J may make do with the minimum, I’d like to do a little more.

If someone wants to help, what can they do?

J gave me the budget for this project before his opportunity to purchase the warehouse came up. So currently no one’s donations are being used for this.

I plan on posting the things I’m going to purchase for the project before I do so. If anyone has something that can be used, bought at a discount, or wants to purchase that item for us, please feel free to contact me. I have several people I can go to for most things, but I’m willing to explore every avenue to stretch every dollar as far as possible.

Ultimately though, buying merch, music, and going to the shows will help J recoup his investment.


In closing

I assure everyone I am making NO money on this, and I will be spending some of my money to make sure this vehicle is in the shape it needs to be in when he takes it back. I have lined up a great team of mechanics, a fabricator/designer, and labor support from a technical college is available. I’ll tell you all about these people in future posts. And trust me, the irony of a band called HURT touring in an ambulance has not been lost on us.


Thanks again for reading. I hope you’ll follow my blog, and if you’re compelled to want to help please contact me. Ready to read more?


Bo Mitchell

Aka River_King on the HURT Forums

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